Let’s Catch Up.

I thought that I’d begin with who I am. Really, the good, the bad and the crazy. My life has been a series of highs & lows that have shaped me into the woman I am today.

Who is Jayde?

Believe me when I say that I have asked myself this question my. whole. life. I have been many versions of Jayde throughout the years and even though I have settled onto one right now, I am pretty sure there will be more creative ways to be myself. I love Jesus with my whole heart, I am passionate about music and writing songs, I’m a good blend between right and left brain *Thanks Mom* and I am passionate about knowing Jesus and making Him known.

Wide Eyed & Full of Wonder

A a child, I’d spend my days outside creating worlds that were unseen to the adult eye. Singing until my throat was raw and having tea with Jesus in my back garden. My parents separated and later divorced. With that, came a long journey of rediscovering who I was through my brokeness. My mom and I moved away to a small town up North called Hilton. We shared a one bedroom garden cottage on a farm.

High School was an interesting time for me as I went to four. Yes, four different high schools. This played a lot into my self-image, my confidence and my body. Towards the end of high school, I had gained 10 kgs and another 10 kgs after school. I reconnected my relationship with Jesus at the end of high school. I then did an internship at my church in 2015, studied at a music and ministry school in 2016. I worked for two years then got accepted into a ministry school in Redding, California.


So I packed up my life and got on a plane to a place that I had never been to, with a completely different culture and this being the first time out of my home & country. I was nerscarcited… yea, I made it up. It’s a good mix of nervous, scared and excited. From meeting new people from all around the world, to traveling to Mexico for a mission trip. I spent a year with Jesus, rediscovering who I was as a daughter of the King.

So here I am… Back home after a wild and amazing 10 months. Ready and expectant for what God is going to do in and through my life.

Okay! We are now caught up with my life right now.

Stay Tuned!