Heart Behind It All

Okay! So you’re now caught up with my journey from my last blog post, which you can find here. If you haven’t read it yet, STOP scrolling, GO read it and then come back here!

I want to give you an outline of my vision for MissyJayde, a few guidelines and a lot of love. I found myself frustrated and in need of a creative outlet. I have always played around with the idea of starting a blog but wasn’t always confident enough to actually start one. While in the US this past year, I started following a couple of lifestyle/ fashion bloggers on instagram and I was so inspired by their courage, creativity and their positive influence in my life. You should definitely check them out!

Some of the Women that inspire me are;

*These pictures are from their instagram profiles, which are linked above. I do not own these pictures.*

What is MissyJayde about?

I thought that I would combine all the things that I love and have a passion for, with what I gained from ministry school and throughout my life, to create a space where I can be a positive influence on others. To be a voice that I didn’t have growing up and that I needed when I was confused, lonely, anxious and upset. Please know that this is a safe place to feel at home, to feel normal, with no judgement and that is shame and guilt free. Come as you are. I’m not trying to portray a “perfect” life. I am who I am and I hope that you’ll see that.

I’m all about vulnerability, empowering others, community and loving yourself well. I’d love for you to think of this blog as a community of sorts.. Let’s be vulnerable, let’s champion each other, let’s encourage and celebrate one another. Take what you learn from here, share it with your friends, family or just for yourself. Start a conversation, engage with one another. I believe that we were not meant to do life alone.

Evergreen Coffee Shop, Redding, California

What can you expect to see on MissyJayde?

While this is a creative outlet for me, I have so many wild dreams of what MissyJayde could eventually become. Right now, you can expect posts on fashion, beauty, skincare, health, easy recipes, body positivity, loving yourself well and more! As I clearly state that I am a “Christian Lifestyle Blogger“, I love Jesus with my whole heart. So I will be diving into topics that I think are important and that are passions of mine. Know that LOVE is the driving force behind this. I don’t claim to be an expert in anything. I am on a journey in life, constantly in learning mode. All I ask for is grace!

In Conclusion..

You are LOVED. You are VALUED. You are BEAUTIFUL. You are POWERFUL. You are UNIQUE. You are SEEN. You are BRAVE. You are STRONG. You are WORTHY.