Exploring Cape Town

We are so blessed as South Africans to have access to such beauty in our country. I think sometimes, it is so easy to over-look just how incredible our nation is, when we get caught up in our lives. We need to stop, look up and appreciate what is around us. We are surrounded by some of the world’s best holiday destinations, Cape Town being one of them!

I have been trying to write this one for a couple weeks but after I came back, I got stuck into work and I have had some wifi troubles at home. So here we are. Just after Christmas, I headed down to Cape Town for some R&R with my family. During the week, we drove for hours and explored one of the most beautiful cities in the world and it’s surrounding areas. I have only been to Cape Town a handful of times but not when I could actually take everything in and enjoy the experience. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to visit Cape Town and actually have a break over the festive season. For insight into a few great places to visit while you are in Cape Town, carry on reading!

Day One

I caught a red eye flight to Cape Town to make the most of the day. I don’t like flying that much as I get bored easily, but on my flight down, I was seated next to a nine year old girl and her mother. They had never flown before. So while I am sitting in seat 3A, trying to figure out what music to play for my 2 hour flight and just beginning to relax, I was greeted by a very enthusiastic girl and her slightly nervous mother. From when the plane started moving until halfway through the flight, she continued to ask me questions about flying. Now, I could easily get annoyed, turn away and do my own thing or I could sacrifice my comfort and happily answer her questions. She opened my eyes to the wonder of being above the clouds “in heaven” as she said. For the 2 hours being in the clouds, I perceived the world below and the open space above, with childlike wonder.

We dropped off my grandparents at the airport and drove to Bloubergstrand for some sundowners at On The Rocks restaurant. The wind in Cape Town is real! Literally sliced my nail off opening the door to get out the car. It was just us on the deck that day, because of the wind, but it was so beautiful looking out onto the sea and to have the mountain in the distance. It was worth braving the weather and eating my hair for a bit. This was the first time since March that I had been by the ocean. It’s strange but I the smell of the sea. I grew up having access to the sea, being around it often and going to the beach for vacation. I have always had a love for the ocean. We eventually gave up trying to fight the wind and made our way back to Durbanville.

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Day Two

Day two was one of my favourites. We fetched my Gran from Somerset West and did a road trip to Betty’s Bay. We stopped along the way in Gordon’s Bay and Pringle Bay. This was one of the most beautiful day trips I have ever been on. The whole way to Betty’s Bay was lined by the bright blue Atlantic ocean. I love that Cape Town is where the mountains and sea meet. Even though the wind was still pumping, the sun was out and we had a clear blue sky the whole day.

We took a turn into a small holiday town called Pringle Bay. It had some unusual looking houses. It was a combination of modern architecture and simple laid-back beach house architecture. I loved that the houses each had their own character and were brightly coloured, but some were just strange. Like this one below!

Betty’s Bay is where we met our new little friend Pengweni. It is a small holiday town that used to be a whaling station back in the 1920/1930’s. It was so serene and quiet. We made our way to see the penguins. I last saw these penguins in America actually. We went to Six Flags on New Years Day and found them by the animal encounters section, it was strange seeing them there. But seriously, how cute are they?! Our last stop before heading home was for a late lunch at the Whaling Station Greek Restaurant. My Dad and I both got messy and had delicious lamb shawarmas and baklava for dessert. Never had baklava before and I was pleasantly surprised.

The dress that I am wearing in the pictures below reminded me of some old insecurities that I had in my body. I have always felt very aware of my arms and didn’t like the way they looked, so I would cover them up. A couple months ago, I wouldn’t dare wear this dress out in public. The difference between then and now, instead of cursing my body and wishing that my insecurities went away. I embraced my body with all of her flaws and decided that I am not going to listen to the lies that had been hindering me from experiencing life.

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Day Three

Sunday, no church. It was strange. We got up at sparrows fart and got ready to head into Cape Town for breakfast at the V&A Waterfront. I absolutely love the Waterfront, it is full of life and there’s so much to see, do and taste in the market place. We went to Quay Four Restaurant, which is one of the many great places to view the boats going in and out, the seals below on the jetty and the seagulls on the search for leftovers. My Dad and I opted for American style pancakes. We explored the various markets and stores, wandered around to the view points and spotted a massive sunfish in the harbour.

Later in the afternoon, we ventured out to Noordhoek for a picnic at the Cape Point Vineyards. This was such a relaxing time. We were seated on a hill over-looking the dam, the vineyards and the sea. The wind died down, the heat subsided and the afternoon sun provided a great experience out on the grass. We were provided with picnic blankets and perfectly shaped pillows that are super comfy to recline on. They have three separate picnic areas; the family picnic area, mid-level picnic lawn and the picnic at the dam spot. Sipping on a chilled glass of the Noordhoek Sauvignon Blanc on a warm summer evening while watching the sunset, is an experience like no other.

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We took a long drive through Chapman’s Peak after our picnic. It is the most stunning drive while the sun is setting. Known as the “Chappies” to locals, for just R50 you can drive on one of the world’s most scenic roads right here in South Africa, that stretches from Noordhoek to Hout Bay. There are various places along the way that you can stop and take pictures of the scenery. Being on the mountainside, we were nearly swept off our feet from the strong winds.

Day Five

Yes, day five.. Day four was spent lounging on the couch and watching low-budget shark movies with my Dad and Lianne. Later that afternoon we went and saw Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. On day five, we drove out to Paarl to visit my Aunt and cousins for the day. It was such a stunning sunny day. I love spending time with family, especially family that I have seen in a while. New Year’s Eve! Well, I fell asleep on the couch and was woken up by my alarm clock five minutes before midnight. What a wild night haha! I did, however have non-alcoholic champagne and watch Dinner For One.

Day Six

We said goodbye at the airport to my cousin, who left to teach English in Abu Dhabi. Being New Year’s Day, nothing was open. We drove around for a bit to see what was open and then my Dad had an idea. I had no idea where we were off to but he was determined to get there for lunch. We were in the car for hours and needed a short break, so we stopped in Darling. How cute is that name? We proceeded onto our destination. LANGEBAAN. This place is so beautiful. We had fish & chips overlooking the bright blue and green lagoon. Popped into some souvenir shops along the side of the road. My Dad was quite keen on buying the “I survived a shark attack” t-shirt, which I politely declined. We watched the sunset on a cold and windy Bloubergstrand beach.

Day Seven

My Dad and I took a trip to Simonstown, where my Dad was in the navy. We had breakfast Kalk Bay, then travelled to Boulders Beach. More penguins! The last time I was at Boulders Beach, I was around six years old. We ate almond ice cream and got a little sun burnt. Our next stop before home was a market in Noordhoek where we had more ice cream and waffles at Kristen’s Kick-Ass Ice Cream. I highly recommend the sweet cream with dark chocolate & honeycomb. But also, prepare to go into a food coma after it.

It was an adventure-filled vacation with my family. I am so grateful to have opportunities like this, to go and explore more of our beautiful nation.

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