MJ Designs – I started my own business!

I’m going share a little bit about how MJ Designs started out, how I have seen God’s hand on it and the growth during the space of 9 months both in business and in my life. There’s always a humble beginning to each and every story, here’s mine.

How did it all start?

I have always loved being creative and I have been looking for an outlet for my creativity, this blog being one of them. I had been seeing this trend all over Instagram and Pinterest with polymer clay earrings and wondered how they were made. I researched all over YouTube and instagram, found some inspirations and I bought some polymer clay from a local art store to try it out. I never had the right equipment and just tried to make do with what I had available in my home. Christmas was fast approaching and I decided to make a few earrings for my family as Christmas gifts. My heart is to encourage and bless women and so began the little encouragement message on the earrings cards that read, “You are Loved, You are Beautiful, You are Worthy”.. My family really enjoyed the gifts and I found a love for crafting the earrings and designing new styles. I made a couple and gave them away to friends and random women I came across, just to brighten their day.

My friend Lisa then messaged me the one day, saying that I should start selling them. So that is when MJ Designs came to life. I wanted to align my creative outlets for the audience to be familiar with my brand, MJ – MissyJayde. I partnered with my friend Lisa, who at the time had her own thrifting business. We did a few markets together to promote both of our businesses.

How God is using MJ Designs

I have seen Him move in this business time and time again. I have been so incredibly grateful for what God has blessed me with. Partnering with Jesus in business is honestly the best and I don’t think that this business would have worked without Him. Whether it’s decision making, crafting & designing, business strategies, growth and just peace of mind just when I need it. He is right there with me. Gratitude is humbling!

With my business, as much as I have been blessed, I want to bless and encourage other women. That is truly my heart behind MJ Designs, that women would remember that they are so incredibly loved, worthy, enough, strong and beautiful. My hope is that while they are wearing their earrings, that they would be encouraged and feel fully loved. Jewellery with a mission!

Business Journey

From not knowing much about running a business, I kinda just thrust myself into researching and finding the right suppliers for my business. I set out with the vision of doing things in the “right” way. That is just me.. ha. But I am still accepting that growth is inevitable and changes are good, because it means that you are evolving and it’s good not to get stuck in a monotonous pattern for business. In the 9 months that MJ Designs has been active, I have had to adapt so much with having failed markets, selling online, dealing with customers and the lockdown. When lockdown first started, I took a break from making earrings and my MJ Designs page. I felt that God wanted me to give away my stock as gifts, so I did.

As I gave my stock away, I had nothing to work with. I had to start again. With that, I wanted to better my craft and my business skills. I did more research, I redid my social media. I partnered with a few key people that have helped in the growth of my following, I shifted my brands aesthetic and returned to creating and designing various items. I love mood boards and MJ Designs is basically my mood board. With each new collection, I want my feed to display all that I love around that theme. I love and embrace the process of growth.

Balancing life with a new business

Not going to lie, it has been hard at times. Balancing work, lockdown, my blog, the business and life in general has been an interesting learning curve for me. I cannot.. I repeat, I cannot do all of this without Jesus by my side. He is my greatest supporter. He is my strength and in Him, I find rest. I have kinda just put my blog on hold for a bit so I could more attention and focus on my business. I needed to get that built on a strong foundation to work from. I work during the day and I have been doing all MJ Designs work in the evenings and weekends. Sometimes it’s like I’m burning the wick at both ends. While it has been full and busy for the past couple of months, I have enjoyed activating different aspects of my creativity (including business). It has really been something that has been on the back burner for a while. My day job is a lot of administrative work (which I love as well), but I feel that having this side hustle has balanced out my love of admin and creativity. Jesus is great!

September 2020

With all this to say, I am still learning and I love it. I’m all for embracing the process. I have seen so much growth in myself, just as a women in business. Sometimes it feels a little strange that I have actually started something of my own. It’s mine and I am proud of myself! I feel that often, it is so easy to brush off significance and celebration. I think it’s time that we realise what God has given us, what He has blessed us with and celebrate it in our lives. It’s definitely something I am working on. I so incredibly grateful to those who have supported my little business along the way. Thank you!

If you haven’t heard it today yet, You are so worthy, you are enough, you are strong and you are so incredibly loved.

I am so proud of you.